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Greetings Worthy One! By the time i met Paul Simon my first winter at NYU, i’d been writing songs  and performing for several years.  Philly Folk  Fest founder Gene Shay secured my first solo concert as a singer/songwriter for a local college when i was just  sixteen,  after hearing me at the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Simon was winding up his S&G career and was still signed with Columbia Records. He had a friend in the Dean of the Arts at NYU, who suggested  he hold auditions for a songwriter’s workshop.  Such things were unheard of in those days, but Paul was an innovator. Though  as a teen, i  preferred  the solo works of Cohen and  Mitchell,  My buddy George Tsontakis  dragged me out  on a cold January eve  to perform my tunes for Paul.  I’m glad he did. George went on to world fame in classical music.  I got to hang with the legend.

I  began meeting with Paul Monday nights in a stark room  on Manhattan’s lower east side, along with a few  other young artists.  Not a class, no “credits” involved,  it was more  like we’d  snuck  into this building for  informal rap sessions about  what we loved to do. One night Simon said he’d booked some time at Columbia, enough to lay down tracks for each of us.  Paul and Roy Hallee at  controls, i made my first major label recording, with Dylan immersed in his own Self Portrait down the hall.

Sitting down to write these updates,  i feel i must offer  some context to make these under-the-radar adventures easier to comprehend.  Yet i realize most of this is inexplicable.  It’s all grist ground into the art.  Suffice to say, i saw truer merit outrunning fame and fortune to pursue the soul’s  creative process.

As the music scene slid into glam/disco/ punk, i slipped away to North Carolina, finding work as an artist-in-residence at Duke University  through the Governor’s Council on Cultural Resources.  This was a shift in focus, but really all the same to me. Painting was my first calling, and by then i’d also spent some formative time in the NY studio of artist Kenneth Noland.  Both areas of inquiry inspired.

Let me fast forward here, leave decades  in the dust,  for this update is  about  the convergence of   those  musical/ visual paths in my current  project.  I’ve been fortunate this summer to focus on the dual nature of my work.  Presentation of these works will include the experience of  both aspects.  I’m in the final 10% phase of  record production here.  But the truth is, it’s a far more detailed technical climb at the top than the lower  90% combined.  Taking on the bulk of engineering  tasks  myself,  i’ve cut  deeply into typical budget requirements. Still, expert skills and state-of-art equipment  are required,  and there is just  no way around some completion expenses.  This project  needs your  support now.

 Recordings like this can  easily run up tens of thousands of dollars in production fees.  Our  goal seeks  only  5000 dollars to offset the costs of production,  two years in the making. We’ve seen your contributions address 20% of this need.  With 80% yet funded , the project  needs your  support now.

 Please check out the perks and dig in now to help. Whatever you give comes back pura vida.  Despite critical acclaim of my past albums, pleasing the masses has never been my motivator.  If anything, the digital age has allowed access to  a deeper sanctum of artists, with dedicated fundraising platforms and the word- of-mouth endorsements that help make these indie  productions  happen.


Many thanks for your continued support! Sincerely, joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart/ Song without end

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