joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart





The Pretty Saro is the  backing ensemble

that soundly supports  the performances  of Joe Linus.

Like life itself, The Pretty Saro is always changing,

welcoming  new and talented guest players, yet always remaining true

to the core values of serving well  the many songs of joe Linus.

The Pretty Saro made their premier appearance

at the First Annual Joe Linus Thanksgiving Concert

 November 26th 2012 at YOS in Sausalito, CA.

The Pretty Saro players at this  debut event included:  

Paul Eastburn: Upright bassist; Julie Butler:  Backing vocals; 

Tom Schenck: Backing guitar;  Stu Rabinowitz:  Accordion.

The Pretty Saro has  also  enjoyed the immense talents of:

Alexander "Mr Thumbs!" Dore  electric Bass

Tommy Mandel  Keyboards, Synths, Hammond organ

Ted Farber  Guitar, backing vocals

Josh Needleman  upright bass